First thank-you day sees Liverpool neighbors hail their lockdown heroes


The people of Liverpool have come together to pay tribute to the ‘everyday heroes’ who have helped communities come together throughout the pandemic as part of the country’s first ever thank-you day.

Residents and staff at Christopher Grange Care Home received funding for an iPad to help them overcome digital exclusion and reconnect with loved ones.

On Sunday, they used the iPad to record their messages and share a rendition of the official Thanksgiving Day song with friends and family.

A spokesperson said: “Christopher Grange is a retirement home for general residents as well as end-of-life care and this music has brought them together with caregivers, families and their community.

“We only have our own cell phones to record and they are too small for residents to watch. Thus, residents can now speak face to face with families and also connect with the community at large. “

Thousands of events took place across the country on Sunday July 4 to mark the first day of thanksgiving, with barbecues, street parties, trash pickups and afternoon teas held to pay tribute. caregivers, volunteers, NHS staff and community leaders.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson hosted a barbecue with Levi Roots at 10 Downing Street, Head Womble Orinoco led a cleanup on Wimbledon Common, Ross Kemp hosted a virtual pub quiz via Facebook Live, while Prince Charles showed his support on the hospital radio.

Thanksgiving Day started off as a grassroots movement and grew from just 13 people to a national event supported by hundreds of organizations including Virgin Media O2.

The campaign encouraged the nation to thank those for whom it is most grateful while organizing events and activities designed to have a positive and lasting impact on their communities.

Across the country, communities have come together to pay tribute to those who have helped throughout the pandemic.

Virgin Media O2 is also supporting Together Coalition’s Community Connectors initiative by investing in 10 communities across the UK, to better understand how hyper-local funding can support community connection in areas with low social capital and energizing local charities and groups that champion and celebrate spirit, belonging and togetherness across the UK.

As part of this support, Virgin Media O2 has launched a £ 500,000 ‘Ensemble Fund’. Grants of £ 1,000 have been received through environmental and community membership projects, inspiring people across the UK to come together and create positive change for the causes they care about most.

The Together Fund, distributed through the Neighborly platform, is part of Virgin Media O2’s support for the Together Coalition, which aims to bring people together to help build a kinder, closer and more connected society.

For more information on Thank You Day, visit the website here.

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