As I happen to be a total game freak by nature, a friend of mine recommended the game of Simcity Buildit to me. Since the name is itself extremely catchy, I decided to check it out. In less than a few minutes, I was already getting hooked to it. Unlike most games, it looks absolutely great and runs quite smoothly too. The best part of this was that it was absolutely free. As a result, I spent all my time figuring out ways to mould my skills. It is a game of building a beautiful city, having all kinds of facilities, under one roof. It is actually more of a puzzle game which enabled me to spend a lot of time in figuring out ways to get pieces of a neighborhood together. The game was filled with complete exciting moments which made it even more fun to play.

In Simcity Buildit, I started out with a couple of residential zones. Rather than painting on roads, it gave me opportunities to build special buildings and zones. It basically allocated me with several housing and factory plots. Needless to say, building a city is not a matter of joke. Rather, it requires immense time, patience, and even resources for that matter. It would be great if i got simcity buildit free simcash so that i can manage all these things easily.  I was asked to build residential zones where my sim population would be residing at. I had the time of my life in planning out neighborhoods that immediately began to sprout into bustling towns and cities. My involvement with constructions of cities was actually quite good. Nevertheless, in right to move ahead, i needed varied distinct kinds of resources. Acquiring such materials would help me in getting to new levels and planning my city, accordingly. At a certain point, I had to level up in right to get hold of new resources and cities.

In Simcity Buildit, post construction of residential plots, industrial zones followed soon thereafter. These were not mere workplaces for populace. Rather, it is here that people could actually invent varied distinct things. Soon after this, I decided to allocate each workplace to people. Here, citizens would be liable of making distinct things by utilizing mixtures of materials like iron, wood and plastic. To my surprise, there were also varied distinct shops in which i could actually strew to further expand my burgeoning metropolis. Such places generated things like more tools and raw materials. In right to farm resources for building neighborhoods, it was a mandate to make use of factories.

In Simcity Buildit, every time a residential building was constructed or upgraded, it always came with a handful of coins. These coins were utilized to purchase utilities, more factories and city services like parks, fire stations, police stations, sewage plans and a host of other essentials. Acquiring these essentials enabled me to grow and expand my city. The fictitious city in this game works just like a real life city. If in case, certain parts of the city would go without electricity or plumbing, it would automatically shut down. In such cases, solutions were quite simple. Adding wind generators and water towers would automatically get the entire city working, as soon as they were placed.

SimCity Buildit Guide

Soon after progressing through a few levels, my city was in dire need for some more essential services. Logically, a bigger city would naturally require immense facilities unlike a smaller city. Nevertheless, this game certainly made me feel quite good about waiting for resources to cook up. From generating money and resources to becoming a mayor, I experienced it all. Although patience is considered to be a necessity, it nevertheless provided me with immense number of fun elements while playing it. With exquisite 3D graphics and a fabulous gaming console, it was thus enough for keeping me going throughout the entire game.


War Games always have a special attraction with the thought our combats that usually are set in the period settings. But with the coming of the Mobile Strike MMO, the scene of War Games has changed completely. In fact, when I first heard about the game from my friends, I found it too good to be true. When I finally downloaded it and started playing the game, there was a lot in the offering in terms of intelligence and tact that are crucial to the building part of the game. Defining the user experience for the game is pretty easy with the fascinating time I has playing it.

Few glitches but no hitch

The first user experience that I would site is that of the game downloading and the upgrades that of course does not receive the full marks as there are undeniable glitches in the process with some devices. But once I was through with this part, there was a lot of positive experience that I can site. The tutorial is surely a great help that helps in exploring the game options better. Once through with the tutorial, then begins the exercise of the base building. After all, there are two parts to the game – the internal base building and the external attack.

An initial flexible gameplay

For the first part, it is the consolidation of my base that I had to concentrate on so that I could take on any attack skillfully. It is indispensable to join the alliance as without it the chances of survival are very slim even after investing a whole lot of resources for the building purpose. There is the possibility of joining any alliance in the beginning and then moving to better alliance but of course within Level 5. With Level 6 there is the loss of Teleport that restricts the base to a point which I think is quite logical as the level has already given me enough base strength to scour the globe and look for units to destroy.

Building the base strategically

 Now coming to the building proper, once I could locate the button on the bottom left corner, there were enough resources for me to engage in building the base without spending too much money. The trick to the building of the base is making use of the rewards and the points that the game gives by locating the right resources. Also, with the alliance strength, I had enough points to give by base the necessary strength. There are the building of the farms and other vital installations that added points.

Mind-blowing and intelligent experience

While building, I made sure to destroy some buildings as well so that I had some extra resources like the food and the power added to my account. Gradually I moved up and was very close to having 50,000 powers that made me quite an advanced player. There are some tricks that any player has to follow while building to retain the strength even when the enemy attacks. Building hospitals with beds more than the troop number and having plenty of storage places ensured that I would not lose any of my troops and also had enough to provide them. In all, I loved the intelligent strategy building game the Mobile Strike is.